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Term Dates

Download our term dates below.


Dates for 2024

Dates for 2024 -2025


Holiday Club

During school holidays, our setting is open to children up to and including the age of 7 for our holiday club, with the exception of our own closure dates. The children who are in our care full-time will automatically have a place in our holiday club.


Our holiday club operates with the same daily timings as our term time days and the children will continue to be provided with activities, special events and visitors.


Please see our term dates above for more details.

To apply for a Holiday Club place, please click here.

Settling Your Child

A child’s first day at preschool is a milestone that begins a new and exciting journey. Some children take this step confidently; others find it can be challenging, experiencing uncertainty. This, coupled with your own feelings of leaving your child in a new place, can provoke stress.

​An agreed settling period will take place between your child’s Key Worker and you.  This important period helps us to build a relationship with the wider family, share information and offer support for a new routine.  The length of time and number of visits will be dependent on the child, as each person is unique and the process cannot be hurried.

Day Care

Working Together

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach between parents and staff for each child’s learning and development.

Each child has an allocated Key Person.  Your child’s Key Worker will communicate with you every day that your child is on site and will build a relationship with you and your child.  The Key Worker will communicate with you on the development of your child and ensure that their individual needs are being met.

At Finch Nest Preschool, we understand the pressure and busyness of parenting and everyday life.  We have a variety of tools to communicate with you that works with your preferences and routine.  Therefore, we communicate with you using Tapestry (see below), newsletters, emails and parent’s meetings in addition to a verbal handover.


Tapestry is an online journal which reports your child’s development and learning using text, images and videos uploaded by staff.   Tapestry is a secure journal, allowing parents to view their child’s progress and development, as well as capturing special moments.  Every entry onto Tapestry adds to the unique journey of your child’s time at Finch Nest Preschool.

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